Jerry Nicolato

Jerry Nicolato

Prodotti Musictech utilizzati:

  • Music Maker Digital 50 - Piano



Musictech Music Maker 50 Digital Accordion Demo. (I am in no way affiliated with MusicTech Digital Accordions, nor am I a sales person.) I just wanted to demonstrate some of the different instrument sounds available. This accordion weighs only 15 lbs. and is a reedless digital accordion. It does not have internal speakers (external speakers are required) but some different models are available that do offer this. This instrument does not have velocity sensitive keys, but does have an expression via the bellows option and you can adjust how easy or hard you want the bellows to feel when playing by adjusting a small wheel/knob near the bellow strap. The light weight and different instrumentation makes this a really fun accordion to play, even standing up with less strain on the back

(D) Developed EIDOS

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